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Budget mop up

In its recent budget, the Government made its seventh cut to the KiwiSaver scheme started by the last Labour Government.

While the Government may be ideologically at odds with the scheme, they can’t refute its success. Two and a half million Kiwis have already signed up to KiwiSaver.

Unfortunately this seventh cut will mean the next half a million KiwiSavers will miss out on the $1000 that normally accompanies signing up for the first time.

Around 14,000 people in Dunedin will miss out over the next four years alone.

While there was some good stuff in the Government’s recent budget, it came at the expense of those just a few rungs further up the ladder.

Some beneficiaries will be better off after the budget but those who will be missing out to pay for those changes aren’t the top 1% who are still benefitting from the Government’s 2010 tax cuts. Instead it will be young people, and new savers who will be missing out on savings support.┬áIt is like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Here’s my recent star article on the topic …

Cutting KiwiSaver is short-term thinking

Cutting KiwiSaver is short-term thinking


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