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My diverse work background has given me an understanding of the economic and social levers that can be pulled to achieve meaningful change.

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- David Clark

Save Dunedin Hospital

A major rebuild of Dunedin Hospital is long overdue. In New Zealand, every other major metropolitan centre has already had a hospital upgrade.

Unfortunately things in Dunedin have deteriorated to the extent that surgery is cancelled because operating theatres leak, and intensive care training accreditation has been withdrawn.

Dunedin Hospital Emergency

A significant portion of New Zealand’s medical staff are trained in the Dunedin Hospital. They shouldn’t have to train in third world conditions.

Last election, Labour committed to a hospital upgrade if elected. I’m sure this pledge was an important part of our local success.

But the current Government has been very slow to commit to rebuilding Dunedin Hospital as a fully functioning tertiary hospital.  Understandably, this is making the city nervous (the hospital sits at the heart of the University, and the University’s success is critical to Dunedin’s economic prospects).

The Government’s failure to act is also making the wider region nervous. A loss of services will have a serious effect on the South. A Facebook page has been launched.  Access to adequate healthcare is a basic concern for every citizen!

This year, I’ve spoken out about the problems associated with the current buildings, and the urgent need to commit to an upgrade.  The Otago Daily Times responded with an excellent and straight-shooting editorial saying: “Clearly, something has to be done”. I agree. 

You will hear plenty more from me on this topic.


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  1. 10 April, 2015
    Val Markham

    Since you have been appointed Associate Minister of Health with responsibility for Mental Health you must see that a perfect opportunity has arisen to openly hold our Mental Health Service (MHS) to account. (ODT, Wed.) The SDHB suicide rate is the greatest in NZ. The SDHB disingenuously states that although 80% of the people in the Southern Region have had contact with the service before committing suicide, they have no idea as to why these people’s mental health has deteriorated to the point that they end their lives. The SDHB’s MHS has failed these people, and failed them miserably with its policy of “minimal treatment”. These tragedies are preventable. The MHS MUST review the performance of all of its staff, not just send its Clinical Director (James Knight) packing! Mental Health Services cannot shirk their moral responsibilities to patients by denying them appropriate treatment.
    Obviously start with the Suicide Prevention Officer, Paul Martin.

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