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Help Save 0800 Poison Helpline

Imagine your child or someone you love has swallowed an unidentified substance.

The National Government is proposing to close the 0800 Poison helpline and hand its work to other helplines.
The experience overseas shows it’s much safer to keep Poisons health-lines separate and independent.  When seconds count, experts matter.

If your child, or someone you love swallows a toxic or unidentified substance the 0800 Poisons helpline has expert toxicologists answering your call. The toxicologists are the same people that update the poisons database every day with new science, products and brands.

If National’s proposal goes ahead then who will answer the phone?

Can you add your name to my petition to urge the Government to change course and keep the 0800 Poisons Helpline independent?

If enough people speak out the National Government might stop its plan to close our 0800 Poison helpline. Together we can stand up for our kids and our families’ health.

Please sign the petition to keep the current service intact.

Graphic 0800 poisons line-petition



3 comments on ‘Help Save 0800 Poison Helpline’

  1. 19 May, 2014

    The sign the petition site doesn’t display properly when using Google Chrome. Fields for signing the petition didn’t load. If you want people to sign make sure your site functions in multiple browsers. I had to use IE to sign.

  2. 31 July, 2014

    My little boy was only one, I was only in the other room talking to my mum when I heard my boy horrendous like cough like he was chocking, I run into the kitchen to find that he had not only got into the locked cupboard but undone the safety cap of some meth sprits/turps, and had drunk it. (we had been redecorating), I started screaming at mum who told me to induce milk and to ring poison line, but what was the number, duh, any good mum should no right !!!! I immediately rung my GP, who gave me 0800 poison helpline, (wasted minutes), got the guy immediately and gave me immediate advice (and not to induce milk). At the end of it, the only thing that annoyed me while I was trying to attend to my baby who now had this horrible like regurgitating like cough, I was in tears and he was asking for my for my full contact information, I can understand you need for recording purposes but at the time I was like what the F### literally. At the end of the day, he gave me up to date information that no one else could give me immediately and he was OK, It was refreshing to know my husband and I’s tax payers money is going towards something that helped OUR child and not some low life reaping lifetime on benefits at our expense. I’m sure their could be better cuts done else were !!!!

  3. 31 July, 2014

    And befor you judge, this kid can get into every child safely lock device, medicines etc !! never under estimate children.

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