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Save Invermay Petition launched

Since I last wrote here on the AgResearch restructure, I’ve had another Invermay opinion piece published in the Otago Daily Times. In it, I argue that we in the South must fight our corner for both parochial and national interest reasons.

DC at Invermay

To back this up with practical action, I’ve launched a Save Invermay petition in support of other Otago and Southland efforts.  The Save Invermay petition gathered over 100 signatures in the first hour.  Later in the year it will be presented to Parliament for consideration. In coming days and weeks, it will be available to sign at community events, market days, A&P shows, field days and the like.

If you wish to join the fight for Invermay, please download the Invermay petition form or pick one up from my office in Albany Street, Dunedin.  An Invermay Petition Information sheet is also available for download.



2 comments on ‘Save Invermay Petition launched’

  1. 13 February, 2014
    Dylan Robertson

    I have developed a good relationship with the scientists at Invermay and greatly value their abilities and support for creating solutions to Water Quality issues in the agricultural setting.

  2. 13 February, 2014
    Mike Neill

    ‘Don’t change what ain’t broke!’

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