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School buses: a fight for common sense

I am a big supporter of our public school system.  David Shearer’s promise of a world-class education at your local school is spot on.  It needs to be.  Anything less risks not achieving the potential that sits across our society.

I can also understand Government policies that aim to save taxpayer money.  But sometimes, in the push for apparent savings the application of Government policies seem to make little sense.  At times it appears bureaucracy gets in the way.   The cessation of free school bus services for students living in the Blueskin Bay area already enrolled in Dunedin secondary schools is one of those times.  I wrote about it in an opinion piece late last month:

DScene article - School Buses

Three weeks ago, I hosted a meeting at Waitati with affected school Principals, concerned parents and Government representatives to try to get a common sense solution to the problem outlined in the article linked in the thumbnail above.

At the Waitati meeting, Ministry officials promised to raise issues with their political masters including issues of natural justice and compensation for those affected.  Since then, the phone has been off the hook; we’ve heard nothing back.  But I am still holding out a little hope that no news is a sign of good news to come. Fingers crossed that common sense will prevail.


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  1. 15 April, 2013


    Clearly you don’t understand. Even if it doesn’t save money and indeed reduces the capacity of children to receive an formal education, there is a different educational process going on here.

    If young minds are encultured with the idea that the function of government is to provide community services, where will that end? They’ll grow up believing that there should be public bodies that looks after defence and policing, roads and bridges, various forms of infrastructure such as electricity grids and telecommunications, and even the supply of legal tender.

    Why they’ll even come to the conclusion that if ill-fortune befalls them and they are unable to find employment, or have suffered disability, or decrepitude that there should be some sort of social insurance that provides for their welfare. Imagine that!

    I tell you David, it’s a slippery slope from free school buses. It’ll lead to a permanent sense of entitlement and dependency, and even the notion that there is such a thing a society.

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