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My diverse work background has given me an understanding of the economic and social levers that can be pulled to achieve meaningful change.

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- David Clark

National’s Disdain for Dunedin

The National Party illustrates its contempt again and again. Government jobs are taken out of Dunedin.  Wellington bureaucracy continues to grow.  The recent proposal to shut the doors of Dunedin’s immigration office is but one example.

National pours billions into roads – North of Christchurch. Contracts that should be filled in Dunedin are going offshore.  Rail wagons built in Dunedin under a Labour Government are now built less-well in China.

Another recent case of ideological madness is the decision to exclude Presbyterian Support Otago (PSO) from the future provision of home support services. I’ve written about it in an article published today entitled: Uncaring attitude to care providers.

The Government seems ideologically wedded to imposed cookie-cutter solutions at the expense of local service providers. Perhaps Tony Ryall’s fingerprints will be lifted off the DHB process documents when they eventually become public.


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  1. 31 January, 2013
    Anna Fry

    I am keen to register my concern for the Presbyterian Support as well as the job losses in Dunedin due to the Immigration office. Any petitions, I will sign!!

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