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Road Safety in Dunedin

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to ride with Calum McCreath in the cab of his truck from Kaikorai Valley out to Port Chalmers. As a cyclist, I’m well aware of the challenges presented by other transport, including trucks.  This was an opportunity for me to see the challenges truck drivers face, including those presented by other motorists and cyclists.

Actually, we didn’t see a lot of other traffic on the road, but I got a good sense of the momentum of the vehicle, and enjoyed the opportunity to see heavy machinery in action at the Port.

Ultimately, a proportion of New Zealand’s freight will travel by rail and coastal shipping, but trucks continue to play a significant role in getting our exports to market and in moving the goods we want to buy around the country. The more aware everyone is of the challenges they face, the safer we all will be.

Road users have a responsibility to educate themselves about the challenges other types of traffic face.  And in the end, a lot of road safety comes down to a simple willingness to share the road.


2 comments on ‘Road Safety in Dunedin’

  1. 8 March, 2012

    That’s a good message and one that I will pass onto others. One additional thing that Dunedin needs is coarser seal on steep streets. It’s dangerous in the winter.

  2. 22 March, 2012
    Andrew Lonie

    Good to see someone checking out the issue from the truckie’s perspective. I cycle the Port Road and other Dunedin main routes quite a bit and have found the drivers generally pretty good. Problems seem to arise when there is an irregularity in the cycle lanes or a double set of trucks/bikes passing at the same time.

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