My values are Labour values.

I want to help build a stronger, more caring society. I am passionate about Dunedin, and I bring considerable energy and wide experience to the task of representing this electorate.

My diverse work background has given me an understanding of the economic and social levers that can be pulled to achieve meaningful change.

Please read some of the discussions included here. I welcome your comments.

- David Clark

You can't beat Dunedin on a good day V

The past 7 days have been action packed.  Alongside a busy-time in my regular day-job, my role as Labour candidate for Dunedin North has been all go. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, I enjoyed a flying visit from Phil Goff.  During his stay, he announced Labour’s procurement policy, met with Hillside workers, had a beer with local supporters, and heard the challenges facing many of Dunedin’s social service providers.

Thursday my ODT opinion piece on VSM was published.  I spoke to a church group during their midwinter lunch at Sawyers’ Bay.

Friday lunchtime, I spoke to a politics class on campus.  The previous Friday at the same time I’d attended the debate on the anti-student VSM bill.  Channel 9 broadcast a summary of the debate.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the annual Dunedin cultural concert. Hosted by the Otago University Students Association, it featured fabulous colour, energy and talent. 

And I’ve had a few adventures in the snow. 

You can’t beat Dunedin on a good day.


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  1. 26 July, 2011

    It’s sounds like a great week for you, David. I’m glad that you are not in favour of VSM as it would take away essential services and some great events that students currently enjoy for a flat rate.

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