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Green-tech flying high

Right now, we’ve got problems as a country.  Prices are rising faster than wages, and the Government seems to have no plan for our economy.  This blog looks past our current dire situation, to what might be around the corner.

Green technologies will shape our future as a planet.  Not only do they improve our chances of survival as a species, but, because they use available energy resources more efficiently, they’ll make our economy more competitive.

I’ve been reading up on personal transport possibilities in recent days.  The idea of personal ‘green’ aeroplanes has been around for a few years.  Before them, microlight aeroplanes established the concept.  But they’ve been relatively expensive to manufacture, expensive to run, a little unreliable, and they require an airstrip to land.

Things look set to change.  Advances in design and battery capability mean that personal aircraft will become a more realistic option with time. 

Simple aeroplanes have fewer moving parts than cars and their travel involves less friction.  Take a look at this animation showing an aircraft that may in time cost little more than a car.  It is expected to travel 160km at 160km/h for around $2 worth of electricity.

Advances in small aircraft technology may have significant implications, not just for commuting, but also for packaged freight, mail delivery and the like.  Automation of these devices widens the possibility set further.  Perhaps home milk delivery is a thing, not just of the past, but also of the future.  Have a look at this video of small robotic electric helicopters constructing scaled-down buildings.

New Zealand’s largest export industries – agriculture and tourism, rely on our clean, green image.  It will be important to our future as a country that governments are proactive in support of green-tech developments.  Infrastructure to support all kinds of electric vehicles must be planned.  Regulation of their use must ensure safety without being overly restrictive and costly.

National are dragging the chain on green issues, fearful of change.  We need to seize the opportunities generated by new technologies.  New Zealand needs to be at the forefront of adoption of these innovations.  Far from being the expensive path, I reckon we can’t afford to miss out.


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  1. 17 February, 2011

    This all sounds very promising, I look forward to seeing more developments in this area.

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