My values are Labour values.

I want to help build a stronger, more caring society. I am passionate about Dunedin, and I bring considerable energy and wide experience to the task of representing this electorate.

My diverse work background has given me an understanding of the economic and social levers that can be pulled to achieve meaningful change.

Please read some of the discussions included here. I welcome your comments.

- David Clark

Dunedin North

Tonight I was selected as the Labour candidate to stand for Dunedin North

Following in Pete Hodgson’s footsteps is a real privilege.  He’s been a powerful advocate for Dunedin North – and will be for a while yet.

Thanks to those who’ve supported me through the selection process and to all of the Labour Party members and affiliates who turned out on the day. 

The Labour Party in Dunedin North is strong.  Talent and experience runs deep in this electorate.  It is an honour to be selected and I am looking foward to working with local members to deliver a serious Labour victory in 2011.


14 comments on ‘Dunedin North’

  1. 26 September, 2010
    Shawn and Michaela

    Congratulations Dave from your London support crew. Where is this Facebook page you promised us!?!

  2. 26 September, 2010
    Rob & Suz

    Congrats Dave, that’s fantastic!
    Your UK support crew is growing 🙂

  3. 26 September, 2010
    Gary J

    Congratulations and may you always have the interest of Dunedin North’s people at heart.

  4. 26 September, 2010

    Well Done!

  5. 26 September, 2010

    I always knew you would succeed. You are an inspiration and the right person for the job!

  6. 26 September, 2010

    Congratulations David. Great news.

  7. 26 September, 2010

    Congrats for your success!

  8. 26 September, 2010
    Catharine Franks

    Congratulations, David. It is great to see someone with good values selected as a candidate with a good chance of becoming a Member of Parliament. I don’t forget your kindness to our family when our son was hurt in a ski accident, long before you were the respected warden of Selwyn. Best wishes for the next year. Catharine Franks, Wellington

  9. 26 September, 2010

    Congrats, David!

  10. 27 September, 2010

    Congratulations David, you will be an intelligent and connected representative for your electorate, and you will make politics rather more interesting and relevant! All the best for your campaign, and to your family who support you.

  11. 27 September, 2010
    Ben T

    Congrats Dave, I’m sure we will see you for a celebratory drink down your way soonish!

  12. 2 October, 2010

    So proud of you David – Huge Congratulations from London

  13. 11 October, 2010

    […] all right here! About 100 metres from where I live in […]

  14. 11 October, 2010
    Marian Hobbs

    Absolutely delighted at your selection, David.

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