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- David Clark

Bailing out John Key

Today I questioned Steven Joyce on his 2013 promise that the SkyCity convention centre would be free to the taxpayer. Back then he announced in a speech: “Under the final agreement, and consistent with the Heads of Agreement signed in May, SkyCity will meet the full project costs of the convention centre”.  Today he was typically evasive on this commitment.

When Andrew Little questioned John Key on his previous promise that the convention centre was to be free, the Prime Minister tried to pretend that promise only applied to a $402 million convention centre, as though the one he was now talking about was another. I spoke out about this in my contribution to the debate on the Prime Minister’s opening parliamentary statement.

What I find most despicable is the deliberate misleading by the Prime Minister and Steven Joyce. I predicted in 2013 that SkyCity would be back for more cash because the contract was set up for them to do that.

John Key was in political hot water in 2013 and willing to pretend further cash wouldn’t be needed – for politically expedient purposes. Now his chickens are coming home to roost.


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  1. 22 February, 2015
    Marie Kirkwood

    Well spoken David Clark!

    “Brand Key” has lost its sparkle, and is no longer able to sweep this arrogant, ruthless, inept government forward into the “happy ever after” fairy tale which fooled so many New Zealanders. The dazzle, gleam and twinkle have tarnished, and National’s track record now replaces the promised pot of gold at the end of the Key rainbow – imaginary, and at best, fool’s gold!

    National have lied, cheated and bullied their way through innumerable shoddy deals, allowing the public no input or choice. This MUST stop!

    This issue is but one of many, but is hugely important!

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