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School buses from bad to worse

School bus services North of Dunedin have taken another blow.

This Government’s arbitrary decision to reverse its understanding of rules governing access to a free bus service, is producing perverse outcomes and creating financial stress for families.

Teenage years can be challenging. No parent who has settled a student into a school wants to disrupt the friendships and support networks their child draws on to ensure a positive learning environment.

Natural justice would dictate that at very least, those currently enrolled will be supported with the same service throughout their schooling. But the Government is ignoring these concerns.

Blueskin Bay community families with children settled in Dunedin Schools are facing a tough choice: financial stress caused by an approximately $2000 per student transport bill, or costs and relationship stresses caused by forcing their children to change schools.

For none or minimal savings, the Government is reducing school choices. It is picking winners and losers on the basis of the colour of their school uniform.

The Government has ignored the concerns raised in the public meeting I hosted in Waitati in March this year. It needs to come to the party and listen to the needs of the community.


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