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Day one: Monday-ising public holidays

My first regular sitting day as an MP and I’ve had my Member’s Bill drawn from the ballot.  I’m getting plenty of ribbing from senior colleagues who’ve never had a bill drawn. 

The Bill seeks to ‘Monday-ise’ Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day when they fall on a weekend.

ANZAC Day and Waitangi Day are of great importance.  It is important that we continue to commemorate the days on the 6th of February and 25th of April. The Bill will not change that, but it will restore to Kiwis the holidays they deserve.

I’ve blogged more fully about the Bill at Red Alert.

Update 13 February: The DominionPost editor has taken a firm line in support of my Member’s Bill. A snippet:

“The legislation that sets out public holidays in New Zealand has undergone considerable changes in the past 10 years but, for some unfathomable reason, no government has ever had the gumption to “Mondayise” Waitangi Day and Anzac Day. The glaring anomaly means at least one of the holidays is lost every seven years, when they fall on a weekend. In 2010 and 2011, both were lost, in the latter case because of the rare circumstance of Anzac Day falling on Easter Monday.”  Read the full editorial here.


7 comments on ‘Day one: Monday-ising public holidays’

  1. 7 February, 2012

    I think it’s a great idea, David, I hope the rest of the members see it that way and vote it in.

  2. 7 February, 2012

    how about those people who have Monday as their usual day off?

    • 7 February, 2012

      @gglee03 – G I’ve sympathy with those folk as they miss out on a bit already. It’s the kind of thing that would be good to receive submissions on at select committee.

  3. 8 February, 2012

    Anzac Day will disappear after the centenary in 2015 & when the RSA die off anyway. Gallipoli was only just a small campaign compared to Passchendaele etc, so are we going to have Oct 12th as a holiday too?? 2,700 kiwis died at Gallipoli compared to 28,000 in other campaigns. Why do we have a hang up about this one battle?? The term “Anzac” didn’t appear till much later so we had no alliance with Oz. What we need to do is have like the rest of the world (except NZ & Oz), Armistice Day 11th 11th as a day that marks ALL battles. That way that commemoration will never die off and should be a full stat day like elsewhere. Anzac Day disenfranchises my rellies that died in the war. It cracks me up that Kiwis flock to Gallipoli like some pilgrimage set in law, when their rellies died in Flanders or in the skies or on the seas etc. Armistice was a promise by all nations for peace – lets honour that. Anyway if you want a military band to commemorate an anniversary, forget it, there will be no bands left – whats anyone doing about that??? The RSA very quiet on that one! – I’m a military music historian / commemoration organiser internationally.

  4. 15 February, 2012

    Monday-ising public holidays will not benefit shift workers like myself. I still have to work the actual day and as well as the monday-ised day. So whats in it for those of us that do have to work both days as we cannot claim both as time 1/2 + lieu day. But yet those that do not work the actual day, but work on the monday get the same penal rate.

    I suggest these workers that have no choice to work a public holiday that is monday-ised should receive extra penal rates eg double time fir working the actual holiday and time 1/2 for the monday-ised day…

    Fair’s fair!!

  5. 16 February, 2012
    Kevin McCarthy

    If David Clark wants “fair” he needs to tell the tens of thousands of new zealand workers who have their weekend on a monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday or friday that he will ensure any public holiday which falls on their weekend will be transferred forward as it is for those workers who have saturday and sunday as their weekend.

  6. 1 August, 2012

    My Mondayising Bill is modest in its intention. It makes sure no one is worse off but it does not fix the problem many shift-workers face. I hope we will hear submissions from these people in select committee where representatives from across the political spectrum can take them in. Members of the current Government who have the power to proritise a fix to that problem will then either have to do so, or otherwise explain why that are not.

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