My values are Labour values.

I want to help build a stronger, more caring society. I am passionate about Dunedin, and I bring considerable energy and wide experience to the task of representing this electorate.

My diverse work background has given me an understanding of the economic and social levers that can be pulled to achieve meaningful change.

Please read some of the discussions included here. I welcome your comments.

- David Clark

Why I'm standing for Parliament – redux

There is no doubt that employment opportunities are unduly limited in NZ at the moment, and especially in Dunedin.
I am hearing more and more sad stories about unemployment as I go about the electorate.  In my other role – as an employer – I am shocked at the disproportionately large number of qualified applicants – many currently out of work – who are applying for each job I advertise. 
It shouldn’t be this way.
Things could be different.  The most immediate example in Dunedin is the Government’s decision to instruct KiwiRail not to consider wider economic benefits when it’s contracting for new trains to be built.  Now they are planning on laying off 41 workers at Hillside.  This is shameful. 
As you’ll probably know, I’m not elected yet, but am standing as Pete Hodgson’s replacement at the next election (November). 
I’m standing for Parliament because I believe we need a fairer society, and I want to be a part of making that change happen.  Most of our forebears came to NZ to escape a class-ridden society, and now it feels like we’re slipping back towards one. Solutions I favour don’t involve giving the biggest tax cuts to the top 10% of income earners.  I’ve written elsewhere about sensible and necessary changes that would strengthen our economy.   
If you are one of these people who are out of work, or in work – and struggling to make ends meet – I hope things improve for you in the next while.  Please be assured that it is for people in your situation, that I am wanting to fight.  Of course, I am just one person, but I am hoping to make a difference.
The gap between rich and poor needs to be closed.  One in five NZ children are currently born into poverty through no fault of their own.  This in not okay.  Opportunities for success need to be available to all citizens.  If not, we will all inherit the unfortunate long-term social and economic consequences
Fortunately, Labour is committed to addressing these issues.  A rise in the minimum wage to $15/hr has already been announced as Labour policy: likewise news that the first $100 earned each week will be untaxed.  These measures bring relief to those who need it most.  Labour’s commitment to reverse cuts to the early childhood sector will produce longer term rewards.
There are plenty of other issues I’d like to tackle if the good people of Dunedin North choose me as their MP.  But my biggest concern is fairness.  I want to play a part in making New Zealand a place we can all believe in – and contribute towards.  I want to create a New Zealand where everyone can realise their true potential.


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  1. 30 June, 2011

    A fair society sounds great, best of luck for the general election!

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