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I want to help build a stronger, more caring society. I am passionate about Dunedin, and I bring considerable energy and wide experience to the task of representing this electorate.

My diverse work background has given me an understanding of the economic and social levers that can be pulled to achieve meaningful change.

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- David Clark


I’ve spent part of the afternoon talking to Ben Krieble, finance director of Ignite Consultants.  Ben, along with several other students running Ignite, is a former Selwyn College resident. 

Ignite is a great local success story.

Using students with real skills, Ignite is doing some great work in the not-for-profit sector locally.  This year they’re planning to help Presbyterian Support’s Octocan foodbank appeal,  Malcam Charitable Trust with a project to help leverage corporate sponsorship, and a campaign run by the Prostate Cancer Foundation to increase membership.

Students involved in Ignite are selected for their skills, and their dedication to making a difference.  Some have legal skill, some accountancy, others marketing and so on.  The students volunteer their time, and in turn benefit from experience solving real-world problems.  Anyone wishing to get involved this semester should make contact soon, although I understand registrations of interest are welcome at any time.

Good things can happen very quickly. Ignite started in early last year when a polish exchange student, Agnieszka Nazaruk, began sharing with Otago students her vision of a social-entrepreneurship consultancy, based on experience she’d had elsewhere with AIESEC.  Building on connections with Malcam Trust founder Malcolm Cameron, a board of advisors was established that included Claire Ramsay (Administrative Director of School of Business), Laura Black (CEO of Methodist Mission) and Peter Chin (then Mayor of Dunedin).  More local students wanting to make a difference quickly joined the project, and now one year on, Ignite already has a proud record of service to the local community.


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    That is fantastic.

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