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Christmas fire sale

In a cynical move, this Government has dropped an array of unwelcome news just before Christmas.  It has done this in the hope that the outrage will have died down by the time we’re back from our holidays.

I’ve written a piece on The Standard about the Government’s decision to sell off a power plant that helps cap power prices and assists security of electricity supply.  This was announced 8 days before Christmas.  It seems National are unconcerned about the old and the infirm being unable to pay their power bills: or worse – freezing to death in mid-winter power cuts.  There’s plenty of robust debate in the comments section.

The decision to privatise workplace insurance is both cynical and awful.  Sadly, predictably, it’s been announced in the week before Christmas.  Our ACC system is envied by the world.  The Government’s proposal will encourage under-reporting and will generate private profits at the expense of the taxpayer.  Find out more here.


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  1. 22 December, 2010

    That news is deeply concerning, I have also seen reports that they will be selling off state assets in their next term. Merry Christmas to you and your family David and all the best for next year.

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