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Health cuts hurt

Tony Ryall and the National Government are not funding the health sector properly.  Instead they have been focused on increasing the GST we all pay to fund tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthy.

The Southern District Health Board is signaling service cuts ahead. Yesterday’s ODT reported that reduced services in Mental Health are likely.

We do not yet know exactly what services will be cut locally, but sadly it seems that “service reductions” will be cynically targeted towards the most vulnerable – those least able to fight back. 

The Key Government has talked a lot about “savings in the public sector”.   This translates to less money for hospitals and schools.  It is a deliberate policy.  Back in May, Labour Health spokesperson Ruth Dyson pointed out:

“The Budget revealed that Public Health will be cut by $68 million over 4 years. Mental Health loses $12 million over 4 years, and the Primary Health Care Strategy will decrease by $58 million over 4 years. The Minister has called this lower priority spending.”

Shame on National.


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