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Mining our future

The National Government’s back-down on mining is great news for the tens of thousands of New Zealanders who have rallied to get common sense heard on this issue.  Schedule 4 areas are specially chosen as important to our conservation estate.  They are preserved not just for our recreation and enjoyment, but for that of future generations.

It is heartening to see National being embarrassed on this issue.  National’s argument that mining these particular areas would somehow help to generate a step-change in our economy is laughable.  Not so funny was the damage to our 100% pure brand and associated tourism industry.  This was an obvious point clearly made in the Economist magazine back in March.

I wonder what National’s next big idea for a ‘step-change’ will be?


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  1. 7 August, 2010
    low carbon economy

    Would be good for National to back down on lignite diesel plans in Southland next.

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